Alright, I'm ready
It just takes one time
Every single thing that I do these days
Just ain't that simple
Sit steady
It's gonna be alright
I'll sing a little something better than
"You're the wrong way"

I just don't want you to go
It just ain't that simple
I just don't want you to go
Even if you just care a little

And now I'm screaming
At the top of my lungs
Even when I got no reason to hate what you've done
And I'm lying
About you being the one, you said
"Yeah, I'm gone"

There's a fire inside me that just burns
I know you're looking at me
But you'll learn
It's not me you're waking up to
And as of now I'm kinda thinking I might give up soon
You know me I'm unpredictable
The answer used to be so simple

Alright, I'm running
From the futures and past
If you're gonna say something, better make it fast
And it's simple
See the mirror keeps talking
The lost boys all end up like you were gonna
Say something right at another wrong time, it's done done done

Written by Chad Sugg