Science Fiction

I love you
It's a simple lie
One I've told so many times before
You're drunk
Like I wish I was
Passed out now naked on the floor

And I wonder what it is
You were singing
Not so long ago
In the car
It sounded like the song
You sang when you were happy
All those years and so long ago
Before you met me

I missed you
When you went away
Hell, I even wrote this song about you
I'm lonely
In my messed up way
I guess broken things like me will never change

And I'll miss you
Before you're even gone
Just listen
To the words of this song
And I'll sleep easier
Knowing what I've done
Is for the better
I'll wake up and carry on

I'm leaving
On a big jet plane
Even god himself can't keep me on the ground
It's simple
Learning to escape
This place when the city gets too loud

The new years
They all shout my name
As if they know the war inside my mind
My new fears
They all sound the same
Like a simple song so real it makes you cry

And I wonder what it is
You were writing
Not so long ago
On your arm
A tattoo in cursive
Written all in black
A few simple words
"Pretty girls, they don't look back"

I'm a lost boy
Looking for a light
To lead me, and hold, like I deserve
Just stay
With me through the night
A little science fiction never hurt

I watched you thumb through my records
The Dylans, the Presleys, the Fire
You looked up at me and said
"Boy, don't you know the music's dead?
They killed it off with all of us and kept the lies instead"
I'm still just trying to forget

Boy, don't you know the music's dead?
No, I won't believe the music's dead
Oh, it's all in my head
No, the music isn't dead
No, the music isn't dead
No, the music isn't dead
In my heart just yet

Written by Chad Sugg