Someday you will see
Everything you are is part of me
I'm always thinking of
The things that you might be
Yeah, even when I sleep
You're even in my dreams

Someday you will grow
Into something so damn beautiful
The gods'll know your name
By heart and sing
La da da da

So, if you wanna go
I won't stop ya
Just don't forget which way is home

Someday you'll be scared, but
The song inside your heart won't go nowhere
The music never dies
It beats inside
You get that from me
The way you walk and how you speak
Talk like poetry
But you got your mother's eyes
Yeah, he's got his mother's eyes

Someday you will try
To make it all make sense, this crooked life
Will throw you to the wind and make you wish
You never asked why it has to hurt like this

See, time it turns slow
The past'll haunt ya
Just know you're not alone

Someday you will leave
A thousand words won't say what I wanna scream
But don't worry about me
'Cause I will be
Strumming this old song each time you dream
Singing you to sleep

Written by Chad Sugg