I'm A Mess

Could you kiss me on the lips?
See, my heart's a sinking ship
And I know I'm going down soon
Could you hold me in your arms?
Yeah, make sure that nothing harms
Me, I'm a mess but I make more sense with you

I could write you a sad love song
Hell, I'll even give you this one
If you would keep me company
Through tomorrow, the end of the world
You could be my all-time, (I could be your all-time)
Favorite, just don't forget me when I'm gone

Could you take my word for it?
At least pretend you give a shit
About all my stupid mixed up words?
Could you just come with, get lost?
How much would a new life cost?
Mine, it's a fine but this workin' is for the birds

Yeah, we could drive around
This whole wide city
You call it growing old
I call it pretty
The way your body dances with
The years that pass you by
Makes me wanna kiss your lips
And tell you one last lie
Girl we are
Never gonna die
You're stuck with me
For the rest of your life
We're gonna live forever
Like pretty people do
Oh, me and you

Written by Chad Sugg

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