Killing Me Softly

All my friends
Are going crazy
Am I the only one here who thinks the waiting
Is the worst part?

How the hell
Did I get here
The future sings a song that's never clear
Until it's gone and I just lose the feeling

Spin me
Like a record
Move me
Like a slow song, baby

Hurt me
Like a bad dream
You can bet I got
What you need

Mess me up
Something good
All is right in the neighborhood
You got a Run DMC shirt on
Looking at me like I'm the one you want

I think the end
Is coming soon
You'll take it all off it you know what's good for you
That's what we say when this place gets lonely

I know I'm gonna regret this
But I just have to say you look well
Why do I do this to myself
It's a lie, I get dizzy
As the room starts to spin
It's over then it starts again (but anyway)

These things I do are killing me
These things I say are killing me
Softly, slowly

Uptown girls
The mystery
I'm sorry kid, but you don't mean a thing to me
Sure it hurts, but I'm never lonely

Spin me
Like a record
Move me
Like you mean it, baby
Up and down
What's not to like?
This modern love is suicide
If I jump will you join me?
If I jump will you, will you join me?

Written by Chad Sugg