Digital Love

I loved you first
Before you knew my name
I saw you through some wires
On a screen
It's funny how the future works
You see the scar before it hurts
And it all falls apart at once

I saw you first
Before you saw me
Your eyes were caught on some boy
You thought was out of your league
Well trust me, no one's out of your league
You do it all exceptionally
It seems the word I'm looking for
Has just slipped my mind
I don't know you at all
But I think about you all the time

I got the nerve
Before I learned to speak
Met you in a hurry
On the street
We were somewhere in December
You were wearing a faded sweater
There were streetlights dressed as far as the eye could see
I said, “Hello” and “What is your favorite song?”
You said, “I’m sorry, I don't get along
With today or tomorrow.
The past suits me just fine, and
I don't know you at all
But I think about you all the time.”

As the story goes
I guess you noticed me
With your eyes closed
Sometimes it's hard to see
Just because you're sad
Doesn't mean that you're alone
You're just scared and so is everyone you know

Just like the stars and months and days weeks
The faded color in your cheeks
The dashboard maze of dizzy ways and complications
We’re a boxcar race of time and broken patience
Just like the cold and calm and carry on, stormy weather
I’m usually sad, but when I’m with you I feel better

I know it’s freezing but that’s a chance we’ll have to take
I mapped out sidewalks, pretty lights, and all the fake
Distractions along the way
They’re fun, then they fade
See, despite what you’ve learned
We’re not all the same
I know you been hurt
But me I’m gonna stay

Written by Chad Sugg