A Song About A Memory

Take my life and breath away
There’s nothing that I wouldn’t say for you
Everything I’ll ever need is right here in front of me
It’s you

The girl with tired eyes
Smart ass mouth
And candy lies
It’s you

Funny how I call her mine
Even when she tends to hide from me
It’s true

Do do do
Do do do
You are all I need

Pepsi Cola, sweater nights
Tangled in the Christmas lights
We keep in the dresser with the polaroids
What a pretty girl and handsome boy we were

Messy hair and mixtape songs
I’m sorry for the things that I’ll do wrong
Now I’m standing for a working wage
God knows it’s hard finding love in the internet age

And I know you’re in over your head
But not everything you do has to make sense

I like to think I loved you first
Cause in my mind there’s nothing worse than alone
I made you mine in record time
And now you call this lonely heart your home

I found you in an antique store
You wanted less, I wanted more
What’s new?
The things we seem to need the most
Are always lost or chasing ghosts too soon

And I know I’m in over my head
Sometimes, it’s not the here or now
It’s whatever happens next

I made you mine with poetry
A perfect calm soliloquy, for you
A plan to rewrite history
A song about a memory in tune

If I leave this tired earth
Before you or I’m just not worth it
Think about the quiet nights
In my car when we were perfect

Just promise me one thing
You won’t forget me
Just promise me one thing
You won’t forget me

Written by Chad Sugg