My Head My Heart My Shoes

You remind me of a prettier version
Of the girl in that film with the long black hair
You remind me of Adalae
Summer last year when we ran away
Why can’t anything good stay?

You remind me of a Saturday morning
99 was a good year to be alive
You said “I love you” without a warning
I kinda like the way you just don’t care

It might sound cliche
But you’re amazing
You make me forget how much I hate this place

It’s January in my heart when you’re around
The new year makes such a pretty sound
In my head, my heart, my shoes
A stereo’s playing Folsom Prison Blues
But we’re free, so we do as we please

I got a lot of good ideas, I don’t mind
Faking my death if it means I get a new life
You people take it too seriously
I wish I could make you see
We all need to smile a little more often

It might sound cliche
But we’re amazing
And sometimes I don’t even hate this place

We’re big city and dreaming all alone
I got a picture of you on my telephone
In the future it all comes fast
You’re like a pretty picture of the past
You make me wanna remember and forget
At the same time

I remind you of Buddy Holly
Not the man, but the song by the W double-e zer
You remind me of Kitty Pryde
And River’s version of Ben Folds Five
I’m so glad good music is still alive

‘Cause when the right song plays
It’s amazing
And sometimes I don’t even hate this place

Written by Chad Sugg