Funeral For The Falling Leaves

I hate calling you so late
But this feeling that I'm okay
It's new
I just had to tell you

Ain't it something how it all works out?
Just when I wanna give up, 
"Boy shut your mouth, look around, it's all right here."
I'm so glad you said that

The summer left
For the cool breeze
A funeral for the falling leaves
Now there's so much sky
It astounds me

It's getting late
And I'm awake in my room
Wish I could sleep for days
My life can wait

It’s a little bit funny
How the world just fades
I can tell you hate it
When I see the look on your face
Don’t take my word for it
Don’t do the things you think you should
And in case if you forget
You know where to find me

I get the nerve
Go to my car
Let it take me
Somewhere far from here
Where the future's clear

Put the windows down
Let the stardust
Trace the sound
Of the music that surrounds us
With the Cutie and the Death Cab

I like you
Even when you hate yourself
And I know my night mind doesn't help
I just wish that you were
A little more optimistic

Written by Chad Sugg