Tilly loves this song
I tell her it's about her and we carry on
With our lives
She goes left and I go right
That's how we do

Tilly loves her hair
She cuts it off when the summer turns to winter and
The passing years
Sound like music to her ears
It's all working out
Yeah, it's all working out

I can tell you love me all the way
I didn't even know you yesterday
Do you wanna, wanna be my endless summer?
And if you had to, could you picture us together?
Sippin' on some sun on a Saturday
Gettin' high to the lines on the interstate
Going nowhere fast
And I'll write you a letter
I promise, promise
It don't get much better than this
Return to sender
But you promised, promised
Now you're the one I miss

Tilly broke my heart
With a smile on her face in a t-shirt
That said "I'm lost"
I guess the ride comes with the cost
Of that and growing up

Tilly loves Johnny and June
Says she's sorry, but there's really not too much room
Left in her chest
For a boy who can't confess
What it is he wants
Man, I wish just once
That I could be the one

I knew I'd miss you
From the moment we met
Your hair was long
And I was young
Just let me kiss you
One more time
Before this chorus ends
Yeah one more time
Just a one more time
Before this summer ends
Don't let this summer end
Don't let my summer end

Written by Chad Sugg

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