We're bored
We are able
Jenny's passed out on the kitchen table
Live fast
Die young
Black sunglasses
A Johnny Cash t-shirt, her lipstick matches
The color of her eyes and her long dark hair
I want her some of her time but she don't care

I'll be just fine
If you go
Take it in
Well, I will follow
We'll figure this out tomorrow
All my friends
Tell me I'm
Gonna wreck this love, I'm hollow
It's getting late, baby, but I don't
Sleep much these days anyway

We're loved
We ain't got money
Singing we're rich 'cause we think it's funny
Broke and bad, and lost, and strung, and innocent
Blue jean baby
"Waitin' for the good lord to come and save me"
She says with a cigarette between her lips
I laugh and tell her she's the only
Person here with a sense of humor

I'm gone you can take my things
The Polaroids, the plastic rings
The Zeppelin t-shirt I wore when we met
Grab a match and a cigarette
And when you're done you can set
That shit on fire, 'cause baby I'm a memory
Yeah all those things they don't mean a thing to me

Who sleeps much these days anyway

Written by Chad Sugg