Me & You

I think I like
The way you say my name
I think I might
Just want you to stay

We're cool, it's okay
But since you left it's just not the same
The people here remind me of a horror film
If I'm Johnny and you're June
I'm not sorry for what I'm about to do
So let's walk this rhythm right out the door
To the city sidewalk corner store
Where the college kids hit on the high schools kids don't mind
And then our boots keep moving to the sound of the vampires
Kissing on the steps like their life depends on it
We should makeout too
I think my life depends on it

I don't mind when you lie
About the good days I hate waking up
To the sound your heart makes when you get sentimental
About the time you ran away and died a little
I said I didn't miss you, run this train through my heart,
I hope it hits you
At least we'd die together in the wreckage
Of a love so strong our chests couldn't manage
To keep up

I like sad songs with good lyrics
It's a beautiful melody if you could hear it
I bet you'd call it yours and get a new tattoo
With nothing more than the words "Me & You"

Written by Chad Sugg

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