Blue Moon, Yellow Eyes

On January 6th, 2006 I released my second ever EP under the name Backseat Goodbye. The EP was called Blue Moon, Yellow Eyes - and while it was never one of my most popular, it was a part of what turned BG into what it eventually became and is now. As you can see from even the album art, this was very early in my career. (I mean, come on, I'm pretty sure I designed the artwork in MS Paint - seriously). However embarrassing the cover art may be, listening back now I can hear parts of the album I'm still proud of. It was an honest effort. I had literally had no success yet to make me worry about writing songs a certain way, so I just wrote them and recorded them and put them out there.

Also, while the date is a little fuzzy now, I can say that at some point this year Roamer Records will be re-issuing Blue Moon, Yellow Eyes with brand new artwork (and possibly even an unreleased track or two from wayyyyy back in 2006)!

<3 Chad