CS Online Store Re-Vamp!

Hey everyone, 

I have awesome news for anyone who has ordered anything from my online store over the past few months, and for anyone who orders from now on!...

I'm so excited to share that over the past few months, my team and I have been working on transforming my official online store from a normal/average/slow-shipping/poor customer service band store like all the rest, into what I've always wanted it to be! It took a LOT of time, work, and money to make this happen, and it slowed down the store BIGTIME while it was all being figured out... But now I can gladly present my brand new online store with completely new super cheap shipping rates (seriously, we did our homework, and have made most of my new shipping rates over 75% cheaper than they used to be... No joke, I used to have to charge at least $5 to ship a single CD, now it's less than $2 for the US! ), and not only that, but with brand new next-day shipping guarantees so you won't have to wonder at all when your packages will even be shipped!

The cool part... All of this has been made possible by simply cutting out the middlemen and doing things completely independently! When you place an order from my store, I can assure you it will be handled properly because it will be done so from my brand new shipping "headquarters" in my own hometown facility. Instead of some company ran by people I don't know who handle a ton of bands orders daily, now it's ran by me, or three of my awesome team members the same or next day it's ordered.

Also, for those of you who have placed an order from my online store over the past few months and have had to wait for your order, I have some cool news for you: To thank you for your wait, you'll be getting one of a number of sweet exclusives with your order for absolutely FREE! Some of the exclusives include autographed posters, buttons, CDs, or even one of the guitar picks I used to record my newest album. (Also, just so you know, all of these past orders are going out over the next week and a half, so just be on the lookout!) 

Aside from that, right now the store looks the same, but in a day or so I'll be announcing a HUGE sale to get rid of all of the old items and make way for the brand new merch AND a brand new look for the store :) 

Feel free to browse around if you haven't @ shop.chadsugg.com!

- Chad