You've been sent to this page because you're awesome and you bought a custom song from my Song Shop! Below you'll find a form that I'll need you to fill out to help me really narrow down the details of what you're looking for with the song I'll be making for you!

- Chad

P.S. - This form is a bit more involved than the standard cover song form. I find it helps to read over the entire form to get a feel of the info that you can provide, then think on your answers for a small while before typing everything out and submitting. (Remember, there is no deadline or rush for you to get these details to me. Your spot in the song line will still be saved and ready for you when you're ready!)

Chad Sugg // Song Shop Detail Form

Name *
Please list your order number you received from the Chad Sugg / Good Ghosts Co. Shop. (You can find this in the order confirmation email you received immediately upon ordering)
Song Details
Here's where you tell me about the song you'd like me to write! (Please note - you don't have to answer every single line below - not all of the fields are required.)
If there are any specific details you'd like for me to know when writing/arranging/recording your song, list them here. (Example - "I'd like the song to be upbeat and happy." -or- "I'd really just like you to go for whatever feels natural to you when writing the song!")
This is a pretty important one. If there is any specific lyrical content you'd like me to provide, let me know here. (For example - "Right now I'm going through a tough time in my life, and I'd really like something to pick me up and let me know I'm not alone." - or - "My gf (we're engaged) is the best person I know, and I'd love to have a song for her that represents what he have together.". You can be as specific or non-specific with details here as you'd like. Basically, the info you give me here is what will allow me to really 'dig in' when writing the song, to make it something special and specifically for you.
If there are any songs of mine, or songs in general that you'd like your song somewhat inspired by sound-wise, feel free to list those here. (Please list in this format: Artist - "Song Title")
Style Preference
I have two main music projects in my career, they're both solo, but both different in many ways (especially when I'm writing for them). If you have a preference for which music style of my own you'd like me to write the song in, feel free to check a box below.
If this song is for a special event (like a wedding, birthday, etc), please include that date here.
My entire music career has been about writing songs that tell my personal story. Plus, I've always found honesty and open-ness is a great thing when it comes to song-writing. So if there's any part of your story that you'd like me to know when writing your song, feel free to share. (Please note - I personally am the only one who has access to these submissions. So while I'm obviously not here to be a therapist, I am glad to hear any part of your story that will make the song itself really really mean something to you or someone in your life. Any personal details you share will be kept in confidentiality, and handled with care.)
If there are any other details/messages you'd like for me to know before starting work on your song, feel free to list them here!
That's It!
Make sure you click the "submit" button just below <3