Well sure I think you're amazing
Even when I don't have to
No one can touch you when it comes to that
Goodbyes never made much sense
I was young and in love and I didn't wanna say it
But you fell into my world
Don't wait, kiss the girl

It's love
I know 'cause I can tell
I like your style, I think I'll keep you around
You don't believe in all the things I say
I'll prove you wrong, babe, just you wait

Think back to the better days
When the sun went down and we said no way
Don't think you're all we need
Yeah we got, we got this
A couple kids from Tennessee
How's the view up there?
The cool kids got their headphones on
With another shitty band and the same sad song
I can't say I'm not the same
'Cause I do it, yeah I do it
Just look the other way
Thank god I'm not alone

I got a job working 9 to 5
So I could buy an apartment
On the upper east side
Yeah this city ain't always nice
But it's home, so I call it mine
It's getting late, just your close eyes
We're staying in tonight
We're staying in
We're staying tonight
I'll put in Deathly Hallows and we'll fall asleep
To the sound of wizards and the city streets
I could get used to this, how about you
Feels like we're infinite, and I like it

Written by Chad Sugg