Time Machine

Take it
All in

All good
Things come
In time

Take your lovers
Hold 'em tight
Never know when the big bad moon will take 'em
We make these promises and then we break 'em
Down into little bitty pieces of
Stardust and faded love
This life's such a funny thing
I think I could use a drink
How about you?

No one
Wants to
Be alone

Find a
Good heart
Call it home

People like me don't need to run
I tried breaking hearts but that ain't no fun
I guess we all gotta grow up now
Let me know if you figure out
How to be a human being
'Cause me I'm just a time machine
Stuck in a year I hate
Take your time
I can wait

Wake up
You're all alone
You're 25 now
It's getting old
Better find a good job
Or at least someone you can hold
Sure the money's nice now
But the nights are so damn cold
It ain't easy
It ain't right
It's just the way it goes

Wake up
Wake up
Wake up
Wake up

Written by Chad Sugg