Change of Plans.

Change of plans. I’ve scrapped my previous EP release, and am just going to release a new full length album this fall. To get straight to it, in the time it’s taken me to even have time or a place to finish writing & record, the mood and direction I wanted for the album has totally changed (maybe it’s because I’m literally recording the tracks each night after my son’s in bed when the sky gets quiet). The new album is titled, “Isn’t This What You Wanted?”, and instead of being super electronic based, it’s going to be a mix of electro & acoustic, tastefully I swear. The original EP planned was going to be a bit louder, but I’m just not in a loud chapter of my life. I honestly feel super timid about releasing new music right now bc I’ve been quiet for so long, and I’ve gotten so in my head about it all. So I’m just gonna do the damn thing and release it. I’ll share the album art and official release date here in a few days. ❤️