Hello, I'm Chad.

I make music and write books. I was born in a town called Clarksville, TN. I currently live in Murfreesboro, TN, where I write and record songs in an apartment with a green door.

My Music

I make a lot of music... It really keeps me going. So, I have two solo music projects. One is done under my real name (Chad Sugg), and the other is called Backseat Goodbye. I also run a record label with some of my friends called Roamer Records.

For more about Roamer Records, visit RoamerRecords.com


My Books

I also write poetry, and have written & released four poetry books.

Music Highlights

I've been lucky enough to have some success with my music over the years, here's some stats for you of where my music & videos are being seen & heard:

  • 76,000+ Subscribers on YouTube
  • 4,100,000+ Video Plays on YouTube (via my main channel)
  • 35,000,000+ Video Plays on YouTube (via video collaborations on other channels) 
  • 50,000+ Facebook Fans
  • 13,700+ Twitter Followers
  • 10,700+ Instagram Followers
  • Music/Video Collaborations with popular artists including: Alex Goot, Dave Days, Julia Sheer, Luke Conard, Landon Austin & more
  • Various tours in United States, Canada, & United Kingdom